October 2011

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Both of our heads are still swimming with all the new ideas and information in with regards to commercial real estate investing, in stocks and options trading, and further money making opportunities with the internet marketing.  So many ways and choices to make.  Now we are armed with updated new education.  The next step is to act upon it. 

Thus, we will be doing some heavy internalizing within our company set-up, our work schedules, and new ways to increase the company’s revenues. Within a few months, everyone should begin to note some changes that will be occurring over the winter months with our website.  So, we hope that the few folks still interested in advertising with us will be patient as our website construction work begins.

Currently, both homes that we have up for sale are under contract and with any luck we will be closing on one within a few short weeks and the other within another month or two (a second contract is a contingency).

1420 N Mt. Carmel is the next in line for a rehab along with the exterior of the entire unit and a few minor maintenance up keeps on a few other properties before the cold weather sets in.

The work ain’t over yet, nor do I think it will end as it continues to steadily grow.