Johnny L. Jackson (JJ) and Cristi A. McCaffrey-Jackson started CJ Home Investors on August 30, 2001 when they worked their first “flip-sell” home.  Since then, the “flipping bug” bit them both and they could not stop.  Not only did they find that they made extra cash doing what they love, but they found they could help and rebuild a community one house at a time and to help local folks, without perfect credit, to secure their new and updated dream home.

Before and After Photos of Homes

Johnny L. Jackson, or “JJ,” is definitely a “Jack of all Trades.” Being naturally gifted in the mechanical/electrical arts, he has worked mostly on cars, heavy equipment, and aircraft. He is a self-taught home inspector and contractor. He has assisted many folks with their first home purchase by helping them understand all contracts and inspecting their potential home or investment property. JJ has assisted them in being their “hawk-eye” over the financial paperwork and saving them on “the extra surcharges” that most folks don’t realize that they can question and erase those charges from the mortgage brokers and bankers.

He was born and raised in Sterling, Colorado. When he graduated from Sterling High School, he joined the US Army for 8 years as a helicopter mechanic. It was in the Army, while stationed in Honduras, that he met his future wife. He has been happily married for the last 20 years. Even with all they have gone through on their first 20 + investment homes, they still have the time of their lives working together on properties.

He currently operates CJ Home Investors full time with help of his wife. They turned their “hobby business” into a full fledge corporation in which the profitable and thriving business supports himself and his wife full time. Being business and financially oriented, he is always looking for creative ways to invest in more properties and to continue assisting those who dream of owning their own home. His next step in life is to break into the commercial aspect of the real estate investing by acquiring multi-unit apartment complexes, mobile home parks, and commercial sites.

As of January 2010, he created the Group Investors Club to help provide the seed money and the opportunity for local people to invest their money for a higher yield return on their investments. See Investment opportunity page.


Cristi A. McCaffrey-Jackson, or Crissy, is the Artist and Designer for each of the properties they have remodeled and worked. What JJ can’t “see” at first, she plans and develops the final look of the house by drawing their rehab plans. She has developed a good talent for marketing and selling the final product when it comes to “flipping” properties.

In the past, she has helped several folks by pulling their houses together with things that they already own, designing and turning their homes into show models. It seems the tighter the budget, the more creative she gets. This is good in not just saving clients and themselves money, but saving the environment too. All the recycling that they do provides additional money to help fund some of the remodeling costs of that particular home.

Crissy was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and shortly there after her family moved to Florida.  She attended Florida Southern College where she was inspired by the architectural details of Frank Lloyd Wright and the art of Georgia O’Keefe.  She went on to study art at the University of South Florida in Tampa where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Originally hoping to be a animated cell painter at the Walt Disney Animated Studios in Orlando when she graduated, she only met closed doors.  She free-lanced for a year as an artist doing a few gallery shows and providing commissioned works of art to private patrons.  She eventually enlisted in the U.S. Army as an Avionics Bench Technician for the Army’s attack and medevac helicopters.

Since never having been able to make a living off of her artwork, she has “taken out her artistic frustrations” on the homes that they have rebuilt.  Her design work has been successful in this aspect.  Her greatest compliment to her work is not just clients buying their homes from them in such a short time after the remodeling job, but when the clients come in and say, ‘this home was built for me in mind’ and ‘with the colors I like.’  With each and every passing year the home remains in the same color and has the same landscaping when originally sold, gives her a thrill in knowing that they have completed a job well and a happy client lives within the home.

As she continues to support her husband in the fast growing CJ Home Investors, LLC, she continues to create home pieces for home decor and has returned to being a ‘free-lance’ artist.

Click the  Art Gallery button to see some of her art work and prior home decor of the past, present, and future.