September 2011

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I don’t know about you all, but summer should be over shouldn’t it?  It’s still hot, good grief!  Anyway, our little side investment group has been going well these last two months with investing in silver.  We have made a tiny little profit so far.  It is a start.  Not a big start, but a start for bigger and better things.  It is a chance to share ideas and bounce thoughts with like minded individuals.  We are currently even thinking bigger in the next few months in order to increase our cash flow by looking into homes to flip sell or possibly rent.  I am proud of this group and I think we will be millionaires in just a few short years.  I’m hoping within a year, thus putting our goal at July 2012 (I’m sure we can meet it). 

You see the group is a leverage to get us all to where we want to be.  By pooling together our money, we can invest more with little of our own money from each of us though the returns are larger than if we had each had done it on our own.  The same can go for two heads are better than one.  Each of us does our researching part and brings it to the table, thus cutting down on each of our own research time.  With our group, The Millionaires, we are hoping to cut down on the time, energy, and cash required to get to that point.

The ideal millionaire makes his money by “zero-ing” out his life.

     Zero cash.  Zero cash is required.

     Zero risk.  The goal is to be risk free.

     Zero time.  Means that once your project is up and running, it should operate on automatic pilot.

     Zero management.  Management is an endless “to-do” list that absorbs your time.  The objective is to outsource and delegate your work effort.

     Zero energy.  Life is energy.  Your invested energy is your life.  You want the greatest possible returns per unit of energy invested.

I’m hoping to zero out my life too.  Care to join us?