September 2010

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We had a set back at the beginning of this month.  Johnny managed to fracture his heel in two when he went dirt bike riding.  And guess what? —–  We have no health insurance!

Yup, we are one of the many small businesses that cannot afford health insurance, not only for our employees that we hire on temporarily or from time to time, but for ourselves.  Even though, we are models of good health (non-smokers) and mobility (no disabilities), we are still unable to find affordable health insurance.

So, with JJ’s pending surgery, then six months in a cast, and then another six months of rehab to strengthen and regain flexibility in his leg, tendon, calf, and heel, I will have a time trying to run all of our daily activities.  The only good news is that fall is near and most remodeling and property maintenance work will slow as we progress into winter.  I am just hoping we have a heck of a long and hard winter.  I am not looking forward to another month of shouldering 4 jobs (5 if you include the new duties as nurse) and not seeing one day of rest since he broke his heel, much less a repeat of September for the next 4 months of spring and summer as he continues to heal and learn to walk normal again.

In addition to Augusts’ newsletter about folks and friends, I have discovered the absolute ‘real friends’ of our daily lives.  Our ‘true family and friends’ now consist of some terrific neighbors who have out done themselves with lending us crutches to assisting us with lawn mowing and even with remodeling assistance.  Those few individuals who came out to help us have no idea how grateful we truly are.  Without your assistance we would have been truly stuck and our business would have withered, leaving us in quite the financial bind.

I am in awe, I truly am.  I thank you few individuals for helping us in our hour of need.