October 2013

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Another lost opportunity for investing with us last month.  No one stepped forward for this great deal with income generation in as little as 6 months.  However, there will be others.  It will be easier now with the company’s assets now turned over and combined into a corporate portfolio.  Easier to jump on better and larger opportunities in the future.

However, we will no longer wait on other ‘investors’ to proceed forward with our company endeavors.  But the door will be open should one want to increase their monthly and quarterly income.  We will make periodic announcements but we will not ‘seek out’ investors.  We do not have the time to waste when it comes to jumping on that ship of opportunity when it does arrive in port.

For now, cheers and happy real estate investment shopping.  It’s the perfect time of year to find great deals on houses, duplexes and commercial investments.