October 2016

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I like things that make my life easy when it comes to maintaining the store of all our tools and equipment in between remodeling jobs.

One of the things I have found that is very helpful was to take an old closet shoe holder, the plastic kind of holder that you hang on the back of a closet door or has a hanger to hook on the closet rack.  I ended up re-purposing the shoe organizer by hanging it up in our heated storage shed on a wall hook and it now holds all my spray paint cans, where I can easily see which color I need for touch-ups or remodeling projects.

I like to up-cycle my old stoarge containers (where a lid broke or disappeared) and I group my remodeling tools by projects such as tiling and grouting tools in one box, plumbing tools and associated small parts in another bucket, electrical in another container, etc so that it is easy to bring all that you need for one job in one container for a quick easy grab when you are in a rush to get the job done.

Last, always clean, wrap if necessary, and oil your tools when you put them in storage.  It will make repairs less stressful when you need them the most.