October 2015

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Alright!  Fall is here and it is now time to protect your real estate investments from the cold weather that will be just around the corner.  If you have sprinkler systems installed at your properties, be sure to have them blown out for the winter.  Cover your gardens with 2-3″ of mulch or the fall leaves that nature provides the gardener.

Then, remove all watering hoses from outside faucets.  Be sure to close off all outside vents on crawl through spaces in order to maintain the integrity of your flooring for your structure and to help keep your tenants heating bills lower.  Be sure that your storm windows function and can close in order to help preserve heat loss throughout the winter.  Pick up salt for icing issues and locate them at each property for ease of use or have it on hand in your car for when you visit your places during the icing and snow days.

Last, any vacant properties should be either winterized or keep the heat on at least 50 degree minimum to prevent water lines from freezing and then bursting causing you major inside water damage.

Last, now is the time of year to go see your accountant to make sure you have used the maximum deductions you can take and if you have to possibly purchase another property to help in your tax savings for April 15th.  Especially, since your account is not swamped at this time of year.  Get the check up on your income and what you may or may not be having to pay into the system.  You’ll be glad you did.—–Crissy