October 2010

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We are still plowing through all the work on the apartments.  We just finished on of the four units and it has now been rented within three days of us finishing the unit.  Hoping to take a small three day break just to get our own errands and home life back in order before starting the next unit to completely rehab.  This next unit will probably take the most of our time due to incoming winter weather and all the severe water damage issues and the proper procedures for clean-up and repair. 

JJ has been recovering quickly according to his doctors.  Has been very strict with his orders, save for not laying on the couch with his foot up like was supposed to do.  He comes to work with me, puts on knee pads and crawls on his hands and knees (mind you, keeping his foot elevated while he does this) working what he can.  Now, if I can keep him off the ladders or from doing more than he supposed to do…….