November 2014

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Be sure to check out the latest thing we have been up to with 2 new on-line websites.  First, we have created another web page on Face Book under the name of CJ Home Investors, LLC.  Here you can check out the latest homes we are working on or the most recent rental openings we have in addition to new classes or investment groups forming.  We have added a few photos of some of our work which leads us to

At, under CJ Home Investors, we have added several most of our Before and After Photos of our work with ideas to give those aspiring to do more with less work and money when it comes to rehabbing your investment, rental, flip, or your own home.  In addition, under my name, Cristi McCaffrey-Jackson, look for my pins of Interesting Architecture for inspiring and unique home designs and interior designs.  Have fun with it, make comments, hit our “like” buttons, and feel free to ask questions on anything.  We are glad to help when and where we can in between our work.