November 15, 2007

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Hi Folks!

This is no joke.  Just wanted to let you know that we are intending to set up “full shop” as of  April 1, 2008 in our new location of Angel Fire, New Mexico.  We have decided to move here not just because of the terrific scenery of the Enchanted Circle, but because of the opportunities that are just ready for the picking!

After 10 good years in Wichita, Kansas, we just wanted to go try something new.  Going into this new adventure full time.  For years, my husband and I have been working full time at Cessna Aircraft and then, working our rentals and investment homes on the side for years.  We put in a lot of 16 hour -7 day work weeks! 

You ask us why a change of this magnitude?  We are not getting any younger and our housecat, Gus, demands more of our undivided attention.  Maybe it is our mid-life crisis moment.  Most of all, it is a question that both my husband and I ask ourselves daily, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”  This is our shared answer.

So, we have made a decision to attempt working our first love (home remodeling) full time.  We believe New Mexico is the next place of growth.  We are literally betting our lives on “this hunch” of ours.

Angel Fire and the surrounding areas are as close to heaven as one can get.  We think the locals know this very well.  Development is steady and looks forward to not destroying the environment in the process.  We hope to be apart of this action and to provide a terrific service for the community and the surrounding area. 

May the people accept and use us continuously.

Let the work begin!


Crissy and Johnny Jackson