May 2013

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Good time to do Garage sales and clean the clutter out.  Especially, if you have been holding on to  prior tenants leftovers (unwanted stuff too good to throw out) when they move out after cleaning a unit.  Only do this if you have the storage space and time.  It is a great way to make some additional money for property maintenance or upgrades, besides cutting down on the cost of trash hauling and disposal when cleaning a unit out.

This is the time of top rental and selling homes period for the state of Kansas.   Weather is still manageable to be out and about and many begin to think about using their tax returns for deposits or down payments on new homes. Have any vacancies?  Get them ready for the summer showings when everyone is getting out of school and looking to move to the next home closer to work or school.  Planting of flowers and mulching of flower beds is a good idea to keep the curb appeal up, and the weeds at bay.  Work smart not hard and long.


Johnny and Crissy


**Special notice**  Just to let you all know that my wife, Crissy, has finally published her first book.  Look for it at, ,, ,  or where you can find books on line or in book stores.  Title of the book is Fate’s Twisted Circle: Volume 1 The Unraveling. under the author name of C.A. McJack.  Book 2 will be out shortly in early July.  Let’s support her newest endeavor.