May 2010

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It’s been a rough month from the get go for us both.  We have been working hard for about two months straight and finally had one day off just to sleep in, relax, get caught up on household errands, and a little time to play for my birthday.  It was a good two day outing.

Summer is fast approaching and the heat is turning up a notch.  Work is good in real estate, however, we have seen no paycheck other than from our rentals (for those who have paid on time —-many were late as a sign of the times).  Many of you will ask why we work and donate so much of our time to folks without immediate recompense.  We hope that with a little more hard work and investing time, we will reap the rewards.  Eventually, over time those rewards will grow more becoming larger than an immediate reward of lesser value.  Thus, good things come to those who wait.

Now, neither of us are extremely religious, however, all religions share the same basic core values and teachings to some extent.  Those familiar with the Christian teachings will recognize why we do things the way we do.  The rest is common sense (never cut corners or it will bite you in the end) that Ben Franklin, along with Mark Twain, has expounded on in the past, during the early to mid 1700s.

In the past, my husband and I have found when we go into a project or a job for someone, we go in with servitude.  In other words, how can you best help that person.  When you help folks solve a need or teach them to be independent by using the right tools to survive and grow in life, then you have found yourself helped in the end on most occasions.

Sadly, though, many folks have this preached on weekly basis and yet never PRACTICE these VALUES on a daily basis!  For example, “do onto other as you would have others do on to you.”  This is the number one phrase most forgotten by religious folks in every day life.  In more simple terms, it means “think of others before taking any action.” 

I know and realize all of us are not perfect.  But we should be striving for perfection every day.  One of the ways, I have learned to live by every phrase that is quoted from either the Bible, Koran, good deeds, etc. is that my Grandfather told me to do at least one thing each day to enforce (put it into ACTION) those beliefs and phrases which in turn will help me not only to become the best I can be as a citizen to my community and my country, but that wealth and good luck would find me in this world and not necessarily in the next.

Are we wealthy? —- WE ARE GETTING THERE and are compared to many.    Are we lucky? —-YES, SO FAR!!!!

So, before you do anything today, take a moment to think and ask, “What I do today, will it help someone and would I have liked what was done if I were in their shoes?  And when I take this action, will I have done it right in the first place, no matter how awful or challenging it was to finish the action?”

If you can honestly answer ‘yes’ and that ‘it doesn’t harm you, that person, or the earth affected by your actions,’ then you are on the right or righteous path to wealth and the good life.




Crissy and Johnny Jackson