March 2017

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Wall repairs can be minor or major.  But what if time and money was the utmost essence?  And you have walls too far gone to save?  Don’t despair, spatter ’em.

Let’s say your prior resident put some pretty major holes in the walls and your sheet-rocking/mudding skills are not the greatest in order to get that new “flat” look of fresh sheet rocked walls with paint.  Or your skills (more like patience level) at stripping a few layers of stubborn wallpaper made your walls look like a tank bombing range took place.  Instead of tearing down all the sheet rock, do the normal patch and repairs (on less than 60% of wall) and smooth lightly to a minimal smoothness, but not entirely perfect for a “flat” wall.

But using watered down mud (it should look like pancake batter) and a hopper gun with air hose and air compressor (air set at 60psi) and you standing about a foot to two feet away from the wall, splatter the watered down mud on the wall in a consistent circular pattern (small circles as if in small connected or cursive o’s) until the wall is covered in spattered mud.  The texture should be (when done lightly) like the texture of an orange peel.  And this can be done without “knocking it down” with a spatula (a.k.a. knock down texture).

This mud spatter will cover all the patches and dings on the wall once the primer paint and final coat of paint has been applied.  This process usually takes us just 2-3 days (mostly drying times in between).  Less drying times if you use 45min drying mud.—-Johnny Jackson