March 2016

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For Wichita and most of the other states with four seasons, March is the start of the selling period.  The “high” selling season usually takes place from March until late June. But slows during the summer time.  Be sure you have all your vacancies ready for your buyers and renters at this time of year and make the most of the selling period.

This is the time of year when everyone gets their income taxes back and have enough to put down either on a home or rental.  The spring time is near and hope is renewed for better living in the eyes and hearts of your future prospects.  Kids, college students, faculty, and teachers have spring breaks that span over the month of March. More helping hands and time to move into new places.  And it is relatively painless to get a renter or home buyer for your property when more of them are out and about compared to available homes.

All we usually do is hold an open house over the weekends, even for our rentals. This helps to foster a “slight urgency” in making a decision as folks drop in at various times at your property seeing that others are looking at it, also. Secondly, this process helps to conserve your time and gas between a number of open properties. Last, this helps time crunched prospects not having to try to meet at a certain hour only to do a “no show” on you because of one reason or another. These prospects know that they have to  make it there between certain hours. Just be sure to set your 4 hour period that you can stick to and advertise your open house on social media and in your rental flyers that you put into your info tubes on your vacant properties.

Usually, we have deposit and an application by the end of the weekend for any property we have available at that time when we hold “open houses” on our rentals or flip homes for sale.  Just a thought you might wish to try on your next vacancy with minimal time spent in showing.  Best of luck.