March 2015

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Spring is nearly upon us and it is time to do a little touch up and cleaning while the weather is cool but warm enough to work without the nagging elements of wind, rain, extreme heat or humidity. working on your rental property’s curb appeal should be a once or twice a year event for you if you have done your landscaping accordingly.  Be sure to clean out all flower beds, add fresh mulch, trim back dead limbs on trees and shrubs, clean your curbs, edge your lawn, sweep all concrete surfaces clear of dirt and salt buildup from the winter snows, repaint or touch up your curb side emergency numbers, and pressure wash your building free of all insects, dust and grime.

Doing these this yearly maintenance goes a very long way when it comes to saving you money on your property.  Your tenants will be grateful too because to them it means you care about your property (their home) and will usually have a better attitude about paying you rent on time and in full amount.

Last, now is the time to think about having all A/C units serviced and cleaned for the summer season and usually these contractors are still having a 30 to 50% off on all service calls, parts, and new installations.  Tree trimmers are the same.  These contractors are starving for work by now.  Use this to your advantage, investors!