March 2013

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Corporate taxes and K-1’s for partners are due out by March 15th. March is when the rains start to fall.  Protect the most important part of your investment properties—–your foundation.  We go to all our properties to clean and check gutters for proper flow and drainage.   Also check downspouts and verify they are draining away from home.  Sump pumps are working and their hoses are straight out and draining all water away from the home. 

Trim, clean out dead stuff, and cut all flowers, bushes, and trees for healthy and colorful spring and summer blooms.  Spring fertilizers get applied this month to keep weeds from emerging.  Pull weeds only after a good rain storm to save your back, time, and most of all to get the entire root of the weed from ever returning.  Doing a lot of yard work and maintenance at this time of year is terrific because of the cool and sunny weather.  You beat the heat of summer and most of all you can sit back and relax during the hottest time of the year.

Johnny and Crissy