March 2012

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It’s that time of year again.  Let the home sales begin!  Those of you who did the smart thing, will have your homes remodeled and done by now and ready for market.

Your buyers will be chomping at the bits, even in this repressed economy.  They have their tax returns in their hands and will be using it as down payment on their new home.

Here are things to think about when you sell.  Make sure more than any one thing is that your home is CLEAN and DETAILED.  That includes your curb appeal.  I can not stress that enough.  The more you keep things simple (not militant extreme) the easier of a time you will have in selling the home.  Clean is second most important.  You must have it exceptionally clean.  A home can be ‘old’ or have one or two things not updated, but cleanliness is utmost important.  The “good enough clean” IS NOT “GOOD ENOUGH!”  Get out of the habit, and fast, if you intend to continue in the real estate market and investing.

The more details you pay attention to, the better off your home is in getting sold quicker.  The more things fixed, cleaned, and organize that make sense to buyers the faster the home will sell.

In a nutshell, get into the SPRING CLEANING mode.  We call it that for a reason.