March 2011

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There is a terrific site for those of you just starting out in real estate investing that should be visited.  It is Tom Zeeb’s  Another site is  Both these places are terrific resources of information.  I am re-typing a few excerpts below from his January’s column of “Investor Mindset: Run with the Right Crowd.”  There was just so many good things he had said in his column.

“In order to stay focused on your business and your success, you need to filter out the noise.  Hanging out with the right people is a key component to this.  If you run with the wrong crowd, they will bring you down.  Negative people radiate and spread their negativity.  Misery loves company.  You need to avoid being sucked into the negativity trap……

“Not everyone around you will understand the struggles you go through as an entrepreneur.  Especially if they are not an entrepreneur themselves, they are unlikely to understand the mindset and commitment necessary to succeed……

“Family, friends and co-workers will let their fears and jealousy attempt to hold you back. Don’t underestimate the power of this.  It is hard to ignore what the people closest to you are saying…..

“Be Careful Who You Listen To:  As a general rule, never take advice from someone who hasn’t done or isn’t doing what you want to do.  Think about that.  Think about how many people’s advice that eliminates…….

“Adopt this policy and watch what happens.  At the very least, it will clear the negative dream-stealers out of your decision making process.  It will then motivate you to seek out the types of people you should be hanging out with and getting advice from.”

Just these few excerpts where wonderful reassurances from like minded real estate investors.  This business is hard enough on its own that you don’t need your “stool pigeon’s crap.”

So, yes, you will lose a few friends and family along the way when you keep on trying and meeting like-minded individuals who have succeeded in your area.  But if they are true family and friends, in the end, whether you succeed or not in your original outset for your business, they will be amazed and supportive once you have reached your goals in life.

Crissy and Johnny