June 2016

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Specialty windows such as Palladian or bay windows can make a big design impact for a room and even the home itself. In today’s design, most of these type of windows are getting a makeover for the more cleaner and streamline look. The curtains are becoming more sheer or simple in that the window itself is “main art feature.” No more hiding behind tons of shades or curtains, since most of the newer windows are now more energy efficient in terms of heating and cooling the interior of the home. Some windows even have UV protection to help keep the interiors that get daily sun from bleaching out the color of curtains, carpets and some furniture.

If you have a great view, I highly suggest that you leave these windows without window treatments for a couple of reason. When flipping a home or showing a prospective tenant a home, you need the maximum amount of light possible to make the living area feel as spacious as possible. Two, you need to leave something for your buyer or tenant for them to personalize and let them take the ownership of the place in order to convince the buyer to purchase your flip home or rent the space for longer periods of time. Third, the new style of no covering is in keeping with the current design trends of the Asian urban minimalist trend.

So, save yourself some money and play up your feature window by upgrading the glass or window, and not worrying about how to decorate the window. Most often, if the view is pleasant and even private enough, they won’t bother with window dressings.—Crissy