July 2016

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When is it good to use ultra-dark shades of color in a room or on an exterior of a home? Places like a bright living room or sitting rooms are a great place to start. To counter balance a dark or rich shade of color make sure you have a lot of light coming into the home or have great artificial lighting in that room.

Rich shades of red or gold can create a luxurious and cozy retreat in the home with good natural lighting. If the home is extremely large and expansive, we highly suggest using a strong or rich color other than the traditional “real estate buffy beige or white” colors. It will help balance the large structure and give the exterior a “personality” or “style” on the exterior of the home causing interest in the home from passers on the street. It’ll give you “an edge” when it comes to re-selling a flip home quickly. People remember the stronger shades of color, especially if it is very different from the rest of the homes on the block that tend to stay within a certain color range.

It doesn’t mean that you paint the home in a color that will make it stand out like a sore thumb. But pick a color in some keeping of the general theme of homes on the block or play off the wonderful color next door to your home by picking a shade truly opposite on the color wheel. For example, if your neighbor’s home is a predominantly hunter green shade, then your home should be colored in the reds, either a rich brown red, brick red, or orange red with a cream trim. Let the houses stand out with out shouting to folks. Make your individual statement.—Crissy