July 2012

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Summer is around the corner.  And when the heat arrives, things get—well, stupid. The heat affects all of us, and yes, even me.  So, when working out in the heat on your properties be safe.  That means, try to work on outdoor items first thing in early morning or late evening when the temperatures are a tad cooler (I know, I know —-that means anything under 100 degrees!).  During the heat of the day, go work indoor projects or take a long recovery break or nap.  Go shop for more supplies—get out of the heat.

Heat exhaustion is a serious health condition.  Once one goes through heat exhaustion, you never fully recover, ever.  No amount of money made in the world will make a difference if your health has been compromised.  Take care of yourself, there is only one of you.  And like time, you can never make up time or your health once it is gone or deteriorated beyond fixing.

Crissy and JJ