July 2011

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The heat is definitely here to stay for at least another 8 more weeks of wonderful 100+ degree days!  That is, if you are a lounge lizard with nothing better to do than to lay out in the sun.  DIY investors you need to be a smart worker in this heat.  If you have the luxury of picking your hours like some of the seasoned investors, then learn to work in the coolest part of the days, usually early in the morning and or very late in the afternoon.

Couple of reasons why we say this.  Having experienced near heat exhaustion twice in my life—your body, no matter how young or strong your are, is forever damaged and more sensitive to heat.  This sensitivity worsens with age and diabetics.  Secondly, we have all seen people act stupid and act more irrational in the heat.  And so do you and I.  It affects us too.  We tend to make more mistakes and this can cost you extra in the end.

This leads to my final reason.  With the lack of ‘concentration’ in regards to your work, we tend to mess up more and waste more money.  For example, if anyone has ever tried to paint in summer heat in excess of 95 degrees will know how difficult it is to get paint off a brush and onto the side of a house since the paint has dried on the brush faster than it gets to the wall.  All experienced painters know not to paint in the excess heat because you will use double the amount of paint not to mention going through more than one or two brushes!

If you can, plan your work day better.  If you have outside work, then do these items first in the early morning hours or very late afternoon hours.  During the middle of the day, work inside in the cooler sections of the home such as the downstairs or basements, or if lucky in the A/C.  Or our personal favorite activity, take a long lunch break, a nap, and then do your supply shopping in the store’s A/C and before the majority of first shifters get off work and clog up the stores and streets stealing precious moments of your rehabbing or cleaning time for your rental.

Often times, I find that I can work quicker and even longer hours than I give myself credit for.  For example, I am usually revitalized enough come 5pm to start again and I find myself working up until 10 to 11pm with a problem.  Then, I wake up the next day at 6-7am and start again until 11am.  The long “lunch break” usually helps me rest, gather my thoughts, update or change my rehab plans to accommodate any upsets, and gives me enough time to see suppliers or to pick out the carpet or flooring that will soon be needed next.

You may think —“my God, those are long hours!”  But the reality is–is that you are rearranging your time better, maximizing it, and giving your body a chance to rest from the summer time heat.  It just takes a little effort of trying this out (with understanding and help from your friends and family) of what you are trying to accomplish.  Before you know it, your job with be finished sooner than you may think.

Otherwise, keep that damp cool rag around your neck and take it easy and slow.