January 2017

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Happy New Year!  Time to rethink and go over your investing goals.  This is the time to make corrections on your endeavors if you think you are not on your way to independent wealth.

It’s a great time to review your insurance policies to make adjustments in your coverage or if you property values increase or decrease.  Sometimes you can even lower your premiums.

In addition, you must decide if you are needing to change your tax status.  For example, this is a good time (if your business is growing/income increases) to go from sole proprietor to a C or S corp.

What about how you can make more money without having to pay all that interest to your bank or hard money lender?  Now is a great time to look into a very little known private banking plan where you loan yourself the money you need to grow your real estate investing and retire earlier than you think is possible.  Interested?  Contact us for how to do this.  Let’s see how many of you are reading these blogs.