January 2016

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Goals! New Year’s resolutions!  Did you make some for your business?  I hope so, if you wish to free yourself from the financial rat race with real estate investing.  We advise that you write these goals down and not just say them or keep them in your mind.  Make your goals tangible.  Make them attainable by implementing a set time or step by step goal.  Be sure to find someone to help make you accountable for them each quarter of the year.

Another step we recommend to any new or just starting out investor, is to find that mentor or another investor of equal or greater knowledge/experience than you.  Set, at least, a once a month meet up goal over breakfast or lunch to discuss ideas, goals, and being accountable for each other’s actions on your resolutions to grow your income.

It was doing these minor things that helped JJ and I grow our business the fastest in the last 5 years of our investing.  At the end of each year or beginning of the next new year, we always find our goal/resolutions list to see what we accomplished or haven’t or what had to be adjusted in our financial growth.  You would be amazed that most of the years we were held accountable by our mentor, we accomplished every single goal and plus some! There will always be a year of not so good goal reaching years due to outside influences.  However, for the most part, these written goals will make more of a difference than one would expect.

No matter how inconsequential it seems, just writing your goals down, making a time table for each goal, and having a mentor to hold you accountable on your goals really makes the biggest difference in achieving your financial freedom.

So write them down and pin it to a place you see it every day or at least, once a week to keep you on track.