January 2015

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OK, you have your New Year’s Resolution in hand and you are rearing to go on getting started on the path to real estate investing.  Question is….you’ve gone and checked out all the information, you’ve looked and looked for that perfect home, and you haven’t found anything and you feel like you are going in too many directions at once, thus making your stomach queasy with doubts.  Just remember to keep it simple.  Keep it organized.  Breathe. Re-group.  You are going to kiss a lot of frogs before finding that sweet deal of a property to invest in.  You have to have patience (even though it isn’t a very strong virtue of mine), and in time it will grow and become easy.  If you still feel over-whelmed with all the information, then let us simplify and clarify why for you.  The Wichita Parks and Recreation Center has offered our 3 classes to help simplify and de-mystify the entire process for very little time and about $20-$40 per class.  We will be glad to get you set up with a step by step plan for your project or that first investment endeavor.  Go online to sign up for our classes this spring at  http://www.wichita.gov/Government/Departments/Park/ParkDocuments/ActivityGuide.pdf.  See ya there!