January 2011

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Are you Ready? Get set–GO!  Our last meeting for the Color Psychology and Design to Sell Series part one went well, even though extreme cold weather and snow did its best to deter the meet-up.  I look forward to finishing up the series on Feb 8th and to report to our fellow investors on the updates in regards to the latest investment news.

This particular opportunity is a really extremely rare gem of R.O.I. for this group.  It is an unbelievable cap rate.  It also has so much more creative opportunities available if the current group decides to ever take on the additional endeavors that could make this opportunity golden, literally.

So, we are excited about this chance and there is no way JJ and I can turn it down without digging deeper into this apartment complex.  It really is a “no brainer,” as my husband is quick to point out.

Our current committed group will be so pleased if this complex passes it inspection and the contract does go through with the seller.  If this property does what the seller is saying it will do—then, success will shoot many of us way up into the financial stratosphere. 

By the way,I hope no one is afraid of heights.