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  1. Nikefree


    If we choose to appreciate these services, we’ve to provide considerably private considerably private facts, which includes our names, genre, address, telephone number and occasionally bank accounts. As a result of poor Online administration and weak…

    • webtstorm

      I am not entirely sure what you are referring to unless you wish to join an investment group. But yes, when you do join an investment group you would be giving sensitive information only to the leader of that group which is usually either my husband or myself when a new group forms. But only ourselves see that information when forming the LLC for that particular investment, not the other investors that are in the group. But like any other investments such as stocks, CDs, money market funds, other group investments, etc, you still give out information like you would any other investments to the sponsoring institutions.

      And yes, the internet is not as safe as one would like to think. So, yes, do your due diligence always before investing with any company, funds, etc.

      I do apologize for the lack of a timely response. We are a small company, most is hands on in the field, and we are still learning the new website platform as we hope to continually update this website. We have finally gotten the IT support we have been needing for the past 6 months.

      If there are further questions regarding our periodic group investments or purchasing from Crissy’s Art Gallery, feel free to contact us.


      Johnny and Crissy Jackson
      CJ Home Investors, LLC