February 2016

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JJ and I would like to put a test to you investors.  How many think they cannot sell a home without it being “real estate buffy beige neutral?”  And not all off-whites either?  We want to challenge you, your creativity, on your next investment flip or rental.  The challenge is to create a color theme that is appealing to your market area.  Your buying consumers!

For those of you that have taken my Design to Sell course, you have the extra advantage on most with all the tips and information given to you.

Part of the logic behind this is to get you, the investor, to think outside yourself for longer than 5 minutes.  To pay attention to solving other people’s problems.  To listen to a potential customer in creating that perfect home for them.  Also, this test will give you insights on how fast your home will move since it will be different than the normal neutral or buffy beige real estate safe colors on all the other homes!  Most of you will be surprised at how fast your home will move with it being different from the others on the block!

Remember, to stand out, but not like a sore thumb on the block.  Buyers see up to 6 homes before deciding on THE ONE.  Make sure that home is yours!:)