February 2015

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JJ and I are both pleased to see such a great turn out for the winter classes.  It is nice to share what knowledge that we have gained over our years of experience for others to glean and get a head start. If they don’t repeat the mistakes we have encounter, our students should easily be 5-10 years ahead of us and richer.  Doing this line of work has really helped us escape the ‘rat race’ and to be able to do what we love most, even though we nearly drown in our work and forget to take breaks as needed.

This form of investing is the most simple and concrete form of investing there is for us and it has carried us well.  It is very hard to fail at real estate as long as you follow the rules, be honest with not just yourself, but with others, and have multiple back up plans when flipping homes.  But of course, being a real estate investor doesn’t mean just flipping or renting homes.  You can still be a real estate investor buying notes, short selling, whole-selling, and buying tax liens.  Even group investing is another way in which you sit back and get paid while appointing someone else to run the property and pay a certain percentage of the monthly proceeds to them for their management and paperwork fees.

Things to think about when you are looking for better ways to save on taxes, make your money work for you, and give you a safe and secure financial freedom for the future.


Cristi and Johnny Jackson