February 2014

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Crissy finally did it!  She bought her very first commercial real estate property within a month after her New Year’s goals!  It will be a learning curve for both of us since it is our first commercial rehab.  She has some really great ideas for it, yet I don’t want her to become bogged down with it.  It is already teaching us the sticker shock syndrome with the exact same materials that are used in residential are twice as high for commercial use.

But we have the parts and material on order, since winter is really hanging around longer than need be, and they should be ready for us by April when we are finished with her 2nd property that she bought via HUD, a small condo to flip sell.   

She has assigned me to be her general contractor, although she has “fired” me twice and we haven’t even begun the rehab project.  But we keep each other both in check with our goals on this building.  I think this will work out nicely for us in the end.  I wish her good luck.

We definitely have our work cut out for us this year after 3 whole years of ‘sitting around’ waiting for our corporation’s credit to build since going C-corp.

Love you, Sweetie.