February 2011

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Has anyone read the latest National Geographic Magazine or AARP Bulletin Magazine?  There are some staggering and mind blowing facts that have been complied here.  So, Investors—- think about it.  What’s the new trend going to be for the next 10 years?  As of this year, there will be 7 Billion, that’s right, 7 BILLION people occupying this world, this planet we live on! 

And guess what?  They all need shelter!

So, those of you who don’t think real estate investing is a good idea, think again.  This is one of the few secure “jobs and businesses” out there that is guaranteed to be around for a while.  And with today’s ideas and current philosophy not changing anytime soon, the population is only going to grow until we reach vast shortages of water, food and fuel.  I sure hope it doesn’t become that in the end just to help control a desperately out of hand situation. 

I know of better ways to control population without wars, mass famine, and the destruction of natural resources.  It just that no one wants to take the harder road where it involves continual education and self responsibility over one’s self.

Now, here’s another interesting fact for the US.  Starting this year, at the rate of 8,000 a day, the Baby Boomers are turning 65 and this trend will continue until 2029!  Think about this, folks.  Every 8 seconds more than 10,000 people will be 65 years old for the next 18 years!  By 2050, on person for every five will be 65 or older!  This is the largest growing population segment there is in the US!

I realize this is a rather hard concept for the 20-,30-,40- something to grasp in their minds.  We are a society that is focused on the young, not the elderly.  For those of us who haven’t reached our 60s, it is difficult for us to even begin to imagine the difficulties that the elderly face when it comes to healthcare and making every day life in general a bit easier for them to live and enjoy their golden years.

We have no concept of everyday aches and pains.  The weakness of our declining muscles just to open a jar of jam.  The pain involved when it comes to our joints just to grasp a knob or walk on very hard tile flooring.  We have no concept of how much more sensitive our bodies become to the cold or to the weather changes, much less to our changing and weakening eyesight.

We have to remind ourselves to be patient.  It’s frustrating to slow down in a world that seems to speeding up ever so much more than yester-year’s pace. Both young and old hate the slowing down process.  The elderly are no less capable then the young, it just having to adjust to a new way of doing things on top of having to slow down to do the same things they were capable of doing when they were in their prime.

Let’s slow down with them and lets think about this new situation that is developing as we speak.  Where is the door of opportunity now (job ideas and business opportunities)?  What can I do to help a generation of people (services and fulfilling a need)?  Investors, once you think you have your answer than follow up on the idea.  You may surprise yourself with the new course directional change and find success where there wasn’t before.

This is a large group of people and they are not going away anytime soon.  They are not the ones who will be sitting in rocking chairs either.  These are folks who will carry on until the day the die, making the most out of life.  But, we, their children, need to give them the extra hand when they need it most.  It’s our turn to repay our debt to them for protecting, educating, and raising us.

Thus, stop and turn around and show them your thanks.  Help your parents and other like folks at the same time and you will find that you may have stumbled onto a new way of doing business.  The idea of slowing down seems rather nice, when you think about it.  It’s been a while since I took time to smell the roses.

Crissy and Johnny