December 2016

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Well, we are still delirious from this very long Indian Summer weather here in Kansas. However, that is about to change this coming week.

Now, is the time to double check you gutters (clean the leaves out of them so that snow melt can flow freely without damaging your sofits and facia), unhook your garden hoses, drain all excess water out and store them in a shed or garage area, and close all crawl space vents to help keep the summer warm air underneath your living spaces and to minimalize the foundation shifting and causing uneven floors.

Communicate with your tenants about changing out their air filters for there heater, replace smoke detector batteries, ensure that storm windows are closed properly to help them conserve heat and energy, and last go through with them to change the direction of ceiling fans for winter air circulations, and closing vents upstairs and opening basement and first floor vents to help circulate and lower your tenants heating bills.

Be sure to buy your ice melt, dish soap (soap and hot water to pour over frozen surfaces to melt ice and to keep it from refreezing for a while), and get your snow blower ready.