December 2014

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Merry Christmas, everyone!  The year is almost over.  The weather is very cold.  After nearly 2 years of waiting, I am finally getting a new and more functional kitchen in our new home.  Can’t wait!  Its the greatest gift yet!  As my husband rolls his eyes at me, sighing that he will now have to endure more of my ‘horrible’ cooking. (Like he is one to talk when it comes to burnt items from the grill this past year.)

It was a busy year for us with 3 major rehab projects including my first light commercial building which is still open and available as we sink deeper into the winter months.  The included photo of the wall mural is the crowning glory of this building.  And yes, I worry that this will not succeed in renting or selling since finishing the rehab this past mid-October with no contract on it yet.  With any luck I do hope to have this place sold or rented by mid-February with any luck.  Our other rehabs went well and sold or rented very quickly as usual.

2015 will begin the year with another home to rehab and flip, in addition to the 3 new classes we will be teaching via the Wichita Parks and Recreation adult continuing education for about 6 weeks.  The response has been pretty good and we look forward to passing on the knowledge to others.  This will give us some good practice with teaching and speaking in front of people.

Afterwards, we hope to sit back and relax, get to work on a few more personal things, and do a bit more traveling for the rest of the year.  And with any luck, I should have a new fictional book out for my fans of the Fate’s Twisted Circle series by the end of 2015.  So, it time for me to wish you all the best of luck for next year and hope to hear back from a lot of you all at any of the following websites: home investors home investors McJack (author page)