December 12, 2007

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Hi Folks!

The chill is here in Wichita, Kansas and the snow has begun to fall in Angel Fire, NM and we are excited about trying out the slopes this year.  Heavy icing storms have hit us (Wichita, Kansas) the last couple of days and so far we have been fortunate not to have power disruptions.  By December 22 we should be back in Angel Fire, NM for a week long rest and some new adventures.  

JJ and I are looking forward to a day of learning.  We both hope to try at least one day of snowboarding.  This is something that neither of us has ever attempted before.  Can’t wait.  They say that Angel Fire, NM is the best place for snowboarding.  We promise to take photos and share with you all.

Currently, we are working towards getting a new blog sheet up and running with a new sign up sheet for those of you interested in getting updates from us or new rental or FSBO listings from us.

Its been hectic.  But good.  Each day brings us closer to Angel Fire our new home in the Angel’s Playground.



Crissy and Johnny Jackson