August 2016

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When using mirrors be sure to place mirrors opposite of natural lighting, especially in rooms that are limited in size and good lighting. Decorative mirrors can be used in lieu of art to fill empty wall space.

Use mirrors in sparingly but that fit the size of the wall you are putting it on without creating a sense of being in a fun house. Mirrors are usually elegant and should be treated that way.

Mirrors, especially wall mounted, are really helpful in smaller homes, condos, or tight spaces. They are not only decorative but are useful when it comes to the home occupant when they need a quick look at themselves to check on their appearance just before heading out for the day. Last, they are helpful for those who need a daily dose of introspective or reflective thought time.

This is why the Asians, and many other cultures around the world, find mirrors so magical. Their reflective surfaces, mimic only what they “see.” It is honest even when we don’t want it to be so. For honesty can be brutal, but knowing what to do with that honesty is how powerful the person is viewing that reflection.—Crissy