August 2014

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“Those that say the wealthy are greedy are usually the folks that can barely live off their income.  I even used to think that was true when I was very little because that is what I learned from my family.  However, when I was about 13 years of age, I once over heard good advice given to a teenager by his rather well-to-do father.  He had told his son “that if you want to become wealthy, then you must learn, question, and copy what other wealthy people are doing.”  So, by 15 years of age I began asking some of my wealthier friends’ parents about how they became so well to do.  This included even an Uncle of mine who I thought was very rich  (he wasn’t even a thousand-aire).

What I found out over the years of listening to their advice was that rich people never say enough not because they are greedy but because they “like what they do or provide to the world.”  Millionaires are problem solvers.  They like solutions, especially simple solutions that don’t cost a lot of money in that they can ‘sell’ their ‘solutions’ to the rest of the world masses that can afford them.  Millionaires keep on going for the ‘fun of it’ when it comes to making money because often times, that in itself is a problem to be solved all the times with multiple outcomes.  Some are great outputs.  Other times, and most often, are failures.  But the difference between the rich mentality and the poor mentality is that they never give up trying over and over again, doing things differently, until they get it right.  Not like average people who do the same things over and over again expecting a different outcome (AKA definition of a village idiot).



“Millionaires never say, “This is enough, I don’t want more.” Average people are grateful for what they have and know their place.”

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