April 2016

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Let’s not forget about the lowly mailbox that sits outside your home. This is part of your curb appeal when it comes to selling your home. Its important to at least have one, first of all. Secondly, it is important to keep it clean and in full functioning order. It keeps the homeowner in touch with the rest of the world, besides just being a receptacle for bills, paychecks, and letters.

Besides, you want your mailbox to be a joy for the postal courier to put mail in everyday. Not something to be feared. Think of it, do you want to put your hand into something nasty or of a suspicious hazard? I didn’t think so. Your mailbox should be of standard issue with all it’s flags (red meaning when raised that there is something in the box that needs to be taken by the postmaster to mail and an optional one of yellow notifying the homeowner that he has gotten mail [before the email days]) These should be brightly colored and easily visible. The box should be cleaned and or freshly painted. The post should be sturdy in the ground, not rotted or “weed-whacked marked” to death, or the box mounted solidly and correctly on the wall of the home. Make the height of the box easy for the busy postal worker from either his jeep or at standing height if possible. At least 48″ off the ground is what is the going norm in most states. Don’t make the postal worker bend over to deliver mail, his bag is heavy enough without him or her having to bend and still keep his bag at bay.

And remember, keep the mailbox noticeable without hiding it behind a ton of décor all over it, especially if you are trying to sell a flip home or it is apart of a large apartment complex (keep them uniform and with clear numbering). Keep it simple, keep it clean.20160519_132823