April 2013

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Personal taxes are due by April 15th.  Also, yearly payments to the State of Kansas for your LLC’s and Corporation licenses are due.  Kansas is currently $50.00 per year. 

In addition, let your tenants know to check their ceiling fans to ensure they are blowing air down for the summer by turning the switch on the side of all fans from winter to summer mode.  This switch changes the circulation direction.   Fans are very helpful in dealing with the heat and circulating the A/C air, helping your tenants (or you, the landlord, if you pay for utilities) save money on their A/C bills.  Installing fans in each bedrooms, living rooms, and possible kitchen/eating area will make a terrific difference in how cool the air will feel to the occupants.  In addition, it is usually when we go out and change our air filters for the A/C and heater systems on a quarterly basis to keep A/Cs and heaters in top working order.  Change the filters when you go to pick up March/April’s rent.  This way it saves you time and gas money.  Don’t make an extra trip out there just to change the filters.


Crissy and Johnny